A Return To London Comic Con

mayamada November 2, 2015 No Comments
Return To London Comic Con

Last month saw mayamada return to the MCM London Comic Convention, the largest comic convention in the UK and a three day pop culture extravaganza in East London.

We last exhibited the Comic Con in 2012 so it was great to be back. It’s hard to believe we didn’t even have any comics on our last visit and this time we had both Samurai Chef and the new Serious comic!

mayamada mcm stall

A lot has changed with Comic Con, nothing more than its size – it’s a huge event that now takes up two sides of the ExCel centre, with the north side dedicated to gaming and the south side to…well everything else.

mcm crowds

Gameboy Plush

One Piece Figurine

DBZ Figurines

mayamada @ mcm

It was wall to wall gaming and kawaii apparel, food stalls, celebrity signings, toys and comics (of course). As long as you could work your way through the crowds you could catch it all. So all that time playing Assassin’s Creed really paid off for some.

Assassin's Creed

Another thing that’s certainly changed since 2012 is there are a lot more mayamada fans about. Some of the best moments at Comic Con came when meeting fans we’ve made at other events and also seeing people show up already in their mayamada t-shirts!

It’s a great feeling to know our brand is reaching people and we can’t wait to see more familiar faces at next year’s events.

But what’s a comic con without the cosplay right? We saw tons of great cosplayers over the three days and snapped as many as we could, you can catch the full photo set full gallery on our Facebook page.

mayamada @ mcm

Stormtrooper Cosplayer

Princess Mononoke Cosplay

Bender Cosplay

mayamada @ mcm

Iron Man Cosplay

mayamada @ mcm

One Piece Cosplayers

Team Rocket Cosplayers


mayamada @ mcm

mayamada @ mcm

Alice In Wonderland Cosplayer

Young Cosplayers

The conventions keep coming. Next up is our first appearance at Thought Bubble in Leeds (November 14th and 15th) and then we’re back in London for Hyper Japan at the end of the month (November 27th-29th).

Stay tuned for more convention adventures…