#BeCreative Academy

Building Creative Confidence In Young People

We passionately believe in the power of creativity to make the world a more productive, engaging, and fun place to be. That belief was the motivation behind our #BeCreative Academy, launched in 2015 aimed at challenging young people to be confident in thinking creatively in their educational and everyday lives.

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Comic Story Workshop:

Our mission is to use storytelling to unlock and develop the creative potential in young people.

#BeCreative Academy is a workshop series for 8 – 18-year-olds, encouraging young people to unleash their imaginations to create their own comic book story.

We nurture creativity and idea generation, enabling young people to develop these key life skills throughout their education.

Manga and comic book fans love our workshops, and students less engaged in the national curriculum or not confident in writing come alive with newfound enthusiasm.

“It is a great way for the students to develop their creative writing skills as well as their design work. Also, they begin to understand about the creative arts industries and possible career paths.” – Georgina Selwyn, Northumberland Park Community School

“The young people really enjoyed the sessions and the quality of the work produced was very high. The staff were engaging and knowledgeable about manga and comics.” – Emma Chapman, Spotlight Youth Centre

Comic Story Workshop - mayamada

Book An Inspirational Talk:

Our talks inspire young people to raise their creative and professional aspirations. We do this by telling the story of our journey, establishing an international creative manga brand supported by the Prince’s Trust and featured in Vogue, GQ, Mashable, The Voice, the Evening Standard among others.

“Thank you so much for visiting our about Board today and telling us about your entrepreneurial journey and success to date. Your talk was excellent and our young people were so inspired. They were talking about how great you are after you left! I will definitely recommend mayamada talks to other youth organisations and schools.” – Teresa Reynolds, founder Incredible Brilliant Youth

Custom Manga For Your Organisation:

We can also work with you to create your own custom manga story to engage young people. The story created will be unique to your organisation charitable, educational or commercial.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to create your own mayamada powered story!

“It’s been a huge privilege and honour to work with mayamada to commission the Social Ark comic. We wanted to show the work that we do in a fun and informative way and mayamada has captured it brilliantly. Nigel worked closely with Social Ark entrepreneurs to ensure their individual personalities shone through in the characters he created.

We’re confident that the Social Ark comic will help us to reach out to disadvantaged young people and empower them to realise their potential and use their lived experiences to become social entrepreneurs and community leaders, transforming their lives and the communities around them.” – Lisa Stepanovic, founder Social Ark CIC

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Welcome to mayamada

Founded in London, mayamada is a creative brand set in our own world of characters and stories. We create imaginative comics, stylised clothing and even run our own pop up events! Our mission is to inspire creativity in others - discover our world and #BeCreative!


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