#BeCreative Academy

Inspiring The Next Generation

We passionately believe in the power of creativity to make the world a more productive, engaging, and fun place to be. That belief was the motivation behind our #BeCreative Academy, launched in 2015 aimed at challenging young people to be confident in thinking creatively in their educational and everyday lives.

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Book A Workshop:

The #BeCreative Academy workshops will engage young people through comics and characters, exercising their creative thought process via a medium they relate too. Students learn to take ownership of their work in an enjoyable setting, stretching their imaginations as we get their creative juices flowing!

You can book one of three workshops: Comic Story, T-Shirt Design or Branding & Marketing.

Book An Inspirational Talk:

The aim of our talks are to inspire young people to be creative and raise their creative and professional aspirations. We do this through the telling of our experiences establishing a brand supported by the Prince’s Trust and featured in Vogue, GQ, and the Evening Standard among others.


Welcome to mayamada

Founded in London, mayamada is a creative brand set in our own world of characters and stories. We create imaginative comics, stylised clothing and even run our own pop up events! Our mission is to inspire creativity in others - discover our world and #BeCreative!


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