Ryan Leslie Talenthouse Competition

Remember our friends Luminaires from a few post ago?  Yesterday, one of the members (Skilaz) entered a worldwide competition to win a chance to work with producer and entrepreneur Ryan Leslie.

So the deal is…actually, let’s just jump straight to the point.  Check out the video and vote for Skilaz to show your support.


The video which also features another friend of ours A.Sharn Dialekt.  These two made up the sing ‘Too Criss’ in a few hours just for this competition.  An amazing effort if you ask me.  Considering it takes Dr Dre over a decade just to make an album, I think these guys will be really big soon.  Jump on the bandwagon now and in 5 years you’ll be able to say ‘I knew them before they blew up’.

Look out for more on these guys at mayamda in the coming months.

Vote Now!  It’s free and all you have to do is text ‘ Z7RHPT‘ to +49 177 178 1208.

A London Tour

2010 is looking like it will be a busy year for us.  We’ve had a good reaction from people after launching the site earlier in the year and we’re working on some new designs to release in the weeks leading up to summer.  In the more immediate future though we have a photoshoot to organise!

We’ll be taking a selection of our tees and taking pictures across London.  It’s the first time we’ve done something like this and we are really looking forward to it!  Keep an eye out for a ton of pictures and video from the event on the 27th of February.  If you are in the area on the day and would like to feature in of our videos, follow us on Twitter, we’ll be tweeting the whole day as we move about.

5 Anime Tees That Will Make Heads Turn

Here at Mayamada we love anime, we really do! Okay, okay, it’s just me, but still, it’s hard not to admire the style; it’s so unique, instantly recognizable and more often than not, very cool looking. It’s hard not to get noticed when out on the town with a brightly coloured big eyed girl splashed across your front, so if you are looking to make an impact come spring time, here are 5 Tees I personally picked and are sure to turn heads.

1. The Sachist from makeusmiletees.com is a Samurai Champloo tee and features Mugen, one of the main characters of the show. Although set hundred of years ago in Japan, Champloo is well known for its urban contemporary undertones in presentation most notably found in it’s soundtrack which you can find here (note the four star rating ..thank me later). As far as the Tee goes part blood splattered flowers and the prominent portrait of Mugen given the world the fingers makes this one eye catching find.

Samurai are cool, so is this tee.

2. Keeping with the samurai theme we have Akira Kurosawa from Samurai 7 a wonderful adaptation of the classic Japanese movie of the same name. This tee features large hiranaga (Japanese writing) and Kanbei the leading character from the show. if for nothing else it’s a nice tee due to it’s character detail and in this case i can’t say the monochrome look hurts but some may not be drawn to the lack of colour. Still, a fine tee at a fair price and you can pick it up at stylinonline.com.


3. Next up is a tee from the super cool terratag.com. To be honest it was pretty hard to pick out of their great selection of quality tees but in the end the one that stood out as a sure fire head spinner was Black Lashes. If these pearly blues are from a particular show you will have to forgive me as I cannot recognise them. Despite this minor flaw, you have to admit the vibrant pink again the jet black creates quite an impact, couple thuis with the sheer size of those eyes and if people aren’t looking your way then they must be wearing darker shades than the young model sporting the tee itself!

Eye candy

4. Okay, is debatable if this tee will turn heads, at least on first impression. But on a second take and taking into account that his is a tee for the ladies, with the right jacket plus other accessories, you will be able to direct attention to the cute gothic anime girl smack bang in the middle of this tee and it’s pretty well drawn. Non in all fairness this came from cafepress and is my wildcard but I don’t believe it detracts from it’s clean look and pure simplicity in style. Again I believe this is an original character and not from any particular series but to be honest if it looks good, who cares?

Cute and simple

5. This last tee immediately grabbed me by the collar, hoisted me off my feet and slammed me into the wall. Seriously, look at it, even the model knows there’s not much to else to do but put his hands behind his back; the tee carries itself. Now this tee *is* from an anime although which one is hard to say – i would be inclined to say Big O but in anycase it’s clearly the work of the late Mitsuteru Yokoyama of Giant Robo fame. Simply put, it just looks cool!


So there you have it and if you have any links to you favourite anime tees let us know on our facebook group page or here in the comments.

Introducing Luminaires

I was thinking today, what good is a blog if you can’t use it to promote your friends?  That ‘s why I’m taking the opportunity to give a shout out to some friends called Luminaires.  They are a new band but have been doing gigs across London for some time and were recently featured on the BBC’s London Calling.

This is a big step for them and will hopefully lead to bigger things; more gigs, a recording deal…groupies.  All the things that let you know you’ve made it.

They are also working on making music videos.  You can check out the making of video for ‘Solid Gold’ below.


tshirts to help haiti

After seeing this type of post on a number of other sites, I didn’t want to reapeat the same thing.  However, if one additional person sees this and contributes then I guess it’s worth it.

By now you know what the deal is.  There are many ways for you to get involved and help those in need.  This is one way you can help and look good at the same time.  Here are some t-shirts I liked that can help out the victims of the Haoiti earthquake.

A nice design from Threadless featuring the phrase “Men anpil chay pa lou”, Many Hands Make the Load Lighter.  All proceeds are going to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund.

I like the simple, to the point design over at Doubletake clothing.  Proceeds go to serveral organisations including UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and CSI Ministries.

Sales of this tee stop at the end of the month so move fast if you want to get hold of it.

This is one of my favourites from a limited edition Timberland collection, but they don’t ship to the UK!

All profits from this collection go to the Yéle Haiti earthquake fund.

However you decide to help whether through a t-shirt, text, donation or hopping on a plane, remember the check out he organisation you’re giving your money/time to and ensure most if not all proceeds are going to those who need it most.

Get £5 off All Hoodies

Let’s not kid ourselves here…its freezing.  To help you out we’ve taken £5 off all hoodies for the winter months so head over to the shop and check them out and take advantage whilst it’s still cold.

Happy New Year!

2009 was one of the most memerable years of the decade.  From the election of a black president to the death of the most famous white singer.  Maybe not as widely recognised but still important (to us at least) was the launch of our t-shirt company.  Thoughout 2010 we’ll be working hard to bring out more products and working to make this a success, so look out for more from mayamada.

If you haven’t already, join our Facebook group.  As well as the latest news, we’ll be putting up sneak peeks at upcoming designs throughout the new year.

Happy New Year from mayamada!

Mayamada Shop Launch

It’s been a long time in coming, but we’ve finally launched our site and shop where you will be able to get your hands on mayamada t-shirts. You can see the site here:
What can you expect from us?  Collective tees; t-shirt collections with their own theme and story.  As well as pop culture and our quirky sense of humour, we also take some cues from Japanese culture (as you may have guessed from the name).
Take a look at what’s available right now:

Styles (men | women)

A style to fit you.  We enjoyed coming up with different logo variations before deciding on one, but we though we’d keep the creative process going with a collection of mayamada styles.

Styles: Original Styles: Entertainer Styles: Rubiks

Character (men | women)

A touch of Japan with a different kanji character to match your own.  Check back for more characters in the coming weeks.

Character: Love Character: Strength

Ladies and Gents (men | women)

A range of designs showing exactly what these guys get up to when they’re not directing restroom traffic.

Ladies and Gents: Dance Ladies and Gents: Dance Ladies and Gents: Sleeping In

And this is just the beginning.  Follow the updates on our blog for new additions to these collections and brand new collections entirely!
We also want to hear from you, so drop by our Facebook page and let us know what you think. Remember to take a picture of yourself in your mayamada tee and post in on our page.  We’ll be looking out for the best to go in our hall of fame.

A Picture Tells 1000 Words

Well, October has come and gone but we are still working on getting our site up and designs ready for sale.  Rest assured we are working hard to launch very soon.

In the mean time, we want to let you know our coming plans for our blog.  As well as letting you know the latest developments going on; new designs, promotions etc, we will also be giving our thoughts on news relating to clothing and entertainment.

Most of you have most probably seen the recent Photoshop controversy over the Ralph Lauren models.

Now I don’t know about you, but I like it when women – and humans in general for that matter – have have a pelvis bigger than their head.  But that’s just me, but clearly everyone is different.  To be fair, judging from this less altered photo of Filippa Hamilton, I can see why they had to virtually take off a few pounds.

She’s a mess!  Good job Ralph, that could have been one embarrasing photo.  Seriously though, this kind of size is more medically impossible than attractive and I’m sure most sane people will agree.  Many are waking up to this though as recently France want to include warnings on images that have been doctored to remove ‘imperfections’ (in this case, her waist).  This is good idea on paper, but really once you see the image the damage is done.  As they say, ‘a picture tells 1000 words’.

So if a picture says 1000 words, then a video must say at least…1 million, right?  Maybe that’s why this Dove comercial made such and impression on me.


Anyway, stay tuned for more news on our launch in the coming weeks… advanced warning however, we can’t offer minus sized t-shirts.

October Launch

We will be launching the mayamada shop towards the end of October, so make sure you’re first to get a hold of our first set of tees when they go on sale.

As part of out launch we’ll be introducing a design competition where you could win yourself some money.  Keep checking the blog and join our Facebook fan page to get the latest info.