StreetFest Character Trail

mayamada April 26, 2014 No Comments

We’re teaming up with StreetFest to give you a chance to win great street wear and more prizes in our new interactive game.

How To Play

To get involved, find the 7 mayamada character signs hidden around StreetFest 2014 and scan them with the QR code app on your smartphone.

  1. Find and scan all 7 mayamada characters hidden around StreetFest on May 4th 2014.
  2. Each character will give you a letter and a clue to the single word answer.
  3. Once you have every letter, you’ll need to rearrange them to get the single word answer.
  4. The first 3 people to say the correct word at the mayamada stall will win great prizes.

Here’s one example:


What You’ll Need

  1. A Smartphone.
  2. A QR code app like QR Reader (iPhone), QR Droid (Android) or Bing Vision (Windows Phone).

StreetFest Zones

The mayamada characters are hidden around the following StreetFest areas:

  • The mayamada stall in the fashion market.
  • Chill Out Beach.
  • Live Art area.
  • Red Bull Sport Zone.
  • Dance stage.
  • Chill Out Terrace.
  • Unsigned London stage.

But you’ll have to be quick! Only the first 3 people to figure out the secret word will win.


Prizes are up for grabs for the first 3 people to say the correct single word answer at the mayamada stall on Sunday May 4th.



You can also come to the mayamada stall at StreetFest for any help with the game.



You can also enter the correct answer below for 10% off our upcoming snapbacks.

* indicates required

Samurai Chef Volume 2: Kamu

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Here’s a look at another Samurai Chef character as we get closer and closer to the volume 2 Kickstarter.


A member of Oak Kitchen.  Kamu and the Samurai Chef have past history and is particularly eager to bring about the downfall of the Samurai Chef, but needs the right team to make it happen.


You can see how he and the Samurai Chef first met in the free Samurai Chef Origins comic.

Samurai Chef Volume 2: Hitoshi

mayamada March 10, 2014 No Comments

We’re getting closer to the launch of the Samurai Chef Kickstarter and that means another character from the story and another character that will make an appearance in volume 1 and 2.


The one of the elite chefs to enter the competition.  A member of Rose Kitchen, Hitoshi is a suave chef with an European flair.  But can his team’s dish get a good score from the Samurai Chef?


Samurai Chef Volume 2 Coming Soon

mayamada February 28, 2014 No Comments

We announced a week ago that work has begun on the second and concluding volume of Samurai Chef, and we’re getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the new book in March.

Before it launches, we’ll be putting up some great character artwork by the Samurai Chef illustrator Pinali.  Take a look at some of the characters making an appearance in the next chapter of the story.

First up is the Samurai Chef.  The toughest food critics around, the Samurai Chef is the main protagonist of the Samurai Chef story and in volume 2 he’ll be up against tougher dishes as the show continues to escalate.


You can see more of his back story in the free Samurai Chef Origins comic.

Samurai Chef Indiegogo Update #4

Nigel December 7, 2012 No Comments

As the weeks go by we’re getting closer to hitting one of the more wackier perks of our Indiegogo campaign – pets!

That’s right, as promised we will be turning pets into featured extras in the Samurai Chef storyline.

Two people requested this perk and this week we were sent the pictures of real pets doing real pet things.

We’ve got two very cute cats and and one goldfish who answers to Diamond.




This is what each pet looked like before their mayamada transformation.

Now comes the hard part. In a future update you’ll get to see how we turned these three into characters in the manga book.

…I for one am interested to see how Diamond turns out…Stay tuned ^_^

Samurai Chef Indiegogo Update


It’s been a while since the end of our fund raising campaign and we’re sorry for not providing an update on the progress of the project.

The main news to report is that the book is unfortunately being delayed by a few months.

The book artwork is in progress but this means the printed copy of the book itself will not be shipping until February 4th 2013.

We’re really sorry to have to push things back, but we will be releasing the other perks of the project over the next two months before Christmas.

This includes the t-shirt design in December, the complete PDF version of the manga in mid January ahead of the release of the printed book itself in early February.

Starting today, we’ll send out updates on the project every two weeks. You can expect the next update on Friday November 9th.

For now we have a sneak peek at two of the new characters you’ll be seeing in the Samurai Chef book: Jimi and Mary. Both will be featuring in the book along side the Samurai Chef himself.



The host of the Samurai Chef.  Jimi provides play by play of the action in his unique flavour.


Samurai Chef production assistant.  Mary does work across different shows including some clean up tasks.  And there is plenty to clean up on the Samurai Chef!


New Project Dates

Again, we’re very sorry the project is being delayed, but stick with us and we’ll make sure you’re not dissapointed with the final result.

So, here are the important dates to remember:

  • Monday November 26th: Badge sets and artwork done.
  • Saturday December 8th: T-Shirt available for release.
  • Tuesday December 25th: Online manga preview of the Samurai Chef.
  • Monday January 14th: Complete PDF version of Samurai Chef available.
  • Monday February 4th: Printed edition of the Samurai Chef manga ships.

Thanks again for backing the Samurai Chef and see you again in two weeks 🙂

11th Hour Character Profile: Cookie Boy Norio

Mr L December 22, 2011 No Comments

It’s time to introduce you all to the characters of our latest show, The 11th Hour. For those of you just tuning in, The 11th Hour follows four individuals in a manhunt turned rat-race against time. The show is inspired by the hit series 24 but only as far as the time aspect; the show details are more anime-esque so expect character development, sinister plots, tough bad guys and huge battles :D.

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