Creative Character Q&A: SkyBlew

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Being able to talk to people from all walks of life on their creativity has been amazing. Having discussions with creative characters, hearing about their unique creative experiences is the reason we wanted to do this project. We’re excited about this character in particular as he’s been a big part of the #BeCreative campaign from the start.

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Samurai Chef Creators: Illustrator

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It’s been two months since we released the complete edition of Samurai Chef out into the wide world. The response has been great since its debut at Hyper Japan and the book has since been picked up by Orbital Comics, Petit Miracles Hub and the Prince’s Trust Tomorrow Store.

You will also be able to get your hands on our new manga book, plus the Collectors edition at the London Anime and Gaming Con, February 7th-8th.

Before our first event of the year comes along, we want to take a moment to look back and give you an insight into the making of the book by talking with the people responsible for putting it all together.

This week we’re talking to the illustrators on the book starting with the person responsible for bringing the characters and the book to life, Pinali:

sc-illustrator-pinaliWhich part of the book did you work on?

I was responsible for the majority of the artwork in the book, which means character design sheets for every speaking character, translating the provided script into a comic layout, sketching, inking, shading and lettering/sound effects for each individual page.

I also did the cover artwork and illustrations for most of the promotional materials, like the Kickstarter rewards!

What was your highlight during the process?

Probably reading the script for the second half for the first time and getting to see how it ends and begin visualising in my head how I’m going to get it across in image form.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

I’m a huge perfectionist, so if a drawing isn’t coming out just right I have the bad habit of redrawing it over and over until it does, which can end up cutting into time I should be spending, say, eating, for example. This happens quite a lot, so I’d say that was the biggest challenge; overcoming those perfectionist moments and realizing that what I think is imperfect probably looks fine to just about everyone who isn’t me.

What do you hope readers will take away from Samurai Chef?

I hope it gives them some laughs, mainly, and that the characters will stick in readers’ minds for a while. I really think the characters are one of the strongest points of the book. I love them all.

Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

Probably Jimi; I love how passionate he is about what he does. Kamu is a close runner-up. He’s just so serious about beating this monkey! It really seems to offend him that the Samurai Chef is a monkey for some reason.

Who has been your most inspiring illustrator?

Bill Watterson; I often find myself using techniques I learned at the age of 8, looking at Calvin & Hobbes strips, and it’s probably my biggest inspiration when it comes to having that life and visceral quality in my drawings.

Antix On Balcony TV

mayamada September 25, 2013 No Comments

Balcony TV is an online music show featuring new and established musicians doing acoustic sets on balconies around the world.

This summer we got to see Antix perform a stripped down version of “You’re Crazy”.  Check out the video below and see if you can spot the mayamada t-shirt 😉


Interview With The Geek Show

During our first visit to MCM as dealers, we got the chance to meet up with the friendly guys over at the Geek Show. They do a live radio show every Monday 6-8pm which can be streamed live on or on real life radio (104. 5 fm) if you’re in the Teesside area – that’s north England for our international viewers 🙂

Our very own Lao K sat down with them and discuss all things mayamada. You can check out the interview right here:


[audio:|titles=The Geek Show MCM Interview]


We’d like to thank the guys at The Geek Show for giving us the opportunity to chat about what we do, and for finding our Oystercard holder 😉


Mayamada Interviews Asili

We recently got some time to chat with Rex Osafo-Asare from Asili.  For those that don’t know, Asili is a London based clothing company focused on promoting Africa in a positive light.  I won’t give everything away though, that’s what’s the interview is for!

Despite being  friend of a friend I had never previously met Rex, but we had a great talk about his business and the business of t-shirts in general.  We had a lot of fun and found it really helpful as we are just starting out ourselves (I actually thought I would be transcribing all of this!).  If you are in a similar position in your business, there is some good advice for you.  Even if you aren’t, this is still a fun listen.

[audio:|titles=Asili Interview pt1] [audio:|titles=Asili Interview pt2] [audio:|titles=Asili Interview pt3] [audio:|titles=Asili Interview pt4]

You’ll have to excuse the rough editing.  We really had no idea it would go this long but hopefully you find it interesting throughout.  We’ll be doing this more often over the coming months.  If you are an establish t-shirt company interested in doing an interview with us, get in touch!

Part 1

  • The original of asili and it’s logo – fashionable clothing for Africa.  What Asili means (you have to listen for that…or just Google it)
  • How many people and why there are no women in the team!
  • Rex’s role in the company
  • Some of the obstacles in starting up his t-shirt company (money and awareness)
  • Grafting to make the business a success and attract fans (Facebook included)
  • An interlude while Rex got the door!

Part 2

  • You can never beat word of mouth
  • The importance of referrals
  • How Asili got into brick and mortar stores
  • Some tips on how to approach store owners and dealing with knock backs
  • How they look to brand themselves through associations with their t-shirts

Part 3

  • Online versus offline:  which is better?
  • Remembering the importance of getting recognition even on a small scale.
  • Breaking he myth that online is easier.  If you build it..they still may not come.  You still have to put in the work
  • We were working on the new site design while doing this interview.  You can check that out now!
  • Asili reaching as far as America!
  • Thoughts on appealing to different demographics

Part 4

  • Having realistic goals at the beginning – you have to measure using realistic standards.
  • Sometime things don’t do to plan, reality can be tough sometimes.
  • Breadth versus depth when it comes to products
  • What’s coming up next for Asili, looking to the future

Don’t forget to check out Asili – World cup tees are out now