Tony Goff @ Phoenix Bar

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Back in the Spring we had the pleasure of seeing Tony Goff on the last leg of his tour. It’s a tour that’s taken him across England and ended with one last gig in his home town of Hugh Wycombe with art collective StreetartDrop.

We first met Tony in 2013 and he’s continued to work tirelessly on his music and has managed to tour abroad in Denmark and even feature on BBC radio. Goes to show that you can make great things happen when you work at them.

It was a great night and amazing to see the local support Tony had from family, friends and fans. Take a look a the video highlights from the night.

Tony Goff Phoenix Bar

Tony was also joined on stage by Federal Unicorn, an indie rock band from Denmark. Both bands were on tour together and sounded great.

Tony Goff Phoenix Bar

Check out Tony’s latest video for his single Signs and keep a close eye on him…we’re excited to see where he goes next!

MCM Expo Birmingham

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Last month we took a trip up north (well, north-ish) for our first visit to the MCM Expo at the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. After a great time at London Anime & Gaming Con, we were excited to get our second convention of the year off and running.


We set up in the Comic Village and manage to cover our table with regular and limited edition of the Samurai Chef manga as well as our new Samurai Chef chocolate bars.



It’s been a while since we’ve been to an MCM event, but we were quickly up to speed once we got our bearings.


There is so much to see at MCM. We only got to see a fraction of it from our stall, but we were treated to Robot Wars matches going on just behind the Comic Village – we loved watching that show!



We also got to meet up with some great exhibitors including Canime, Helenasia and Choizilla, who had one of the best presented tables in the Comic Village and a cool outfit too.


As always it’s about the cosplay and we saw a tons of great outfits over the two days of MCM Expo.



Even the security guards were getting into it…








So that’s two events down and many more to go in 2015. Not only conventions like Hyper Japan and London Comic Con, but we’ll also have our very own mayamada events starting with GamePad! in April.

Stay tuned to find out where to catch us after that one…


Easter Design Competition Entries

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Our Easter design competition came to a close last week and the entries are in. We’ve had some cool artwork from school students showing their creativity for the Easter season.

We have short listed some of best entries and will be giving a bar of chocolate to everyone to make it to the list. Congratulations! That’s a choice of Crunchy Noodle, Cherry Blossom or Green Tea chocolate to chomp down on this month.

This week we’ll also be revealing the winning entry and that person will have the chance to be turned into a character that will appear in a future mayamada comic.

Stay tuned…

Mahmuda Year 7

Gabija Year 9

Fadumo Year 7

Reanna Year 7

Samurai Chef Creators: Writers

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Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking back at the making of the complete edition Samurai Chef manga, talking to the people who played a part is bringing it to life.

We’ve heard the thoughts of the book’s illustrator (both of them), editor and printer. Without every one of these people the book would not have been possible, let alone look as good as it does!

But we couldn’t let them have all the fun, so here are our thoughts on the Samurai Chef book too:

Which part of the book did you work on?

mayamada-founders-nigel-laoLao and I created the Samurai Chef character and story.

This involved developing the plot, creating the characters within the story and writing the script for Pinali to translate into the final comic pages.

We were also responsible for managing various elements of production from writing, to the Kickstarter, all the way up to the printing.

What was your highlight during the process?

Seeing the story slowly come together with each completed comic page.

Even though we already knew how the story would unfold, it was amazing to see the words of the script come to life visually page by page.

Pinali has a talent for bringing the characters to life and seeing the little touches she added along the way meant we could experience the story in a new light.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

The editing process. After we got through enjoying the comic, we had to get to the work of making sure it was printed without any mistakes.

We also wanted to get the book finished in time to send books to our Kickstarter backers before Christmas and for Hyper Japan in November. There was a lot of pressure on to put everything together in a short space of time.

Luckily we had a great editor, Lara-Lee, who caught all spelling a grammar mistakes…turns out there were a lot of them! But she stayed alert throughout the whole process and is the reason the book reads as well as it does.

What do you hope readers will take away from Samurai Chef?

Without giving too much away, there are some lessons in teamwork that hopefully come through over the course of the book.

Aside from that, we hope people will take away the belief that if you have a good idea you can bring it to life. The Samurai Chef is an original story idea that we created from scratch. If you’re working with your own idea, it can be done!

Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

We love all the Samurai Chef characters equally as if there were our own children…but we like Zane more equally.

He doesn’t have a huge part in the book but we liked the way he maintains a cool assuredness and balances out Kamu’s somewhat unstable energy.

Other notable mentions go to Ms Yasahsii, Jimi and of course the Samurai Chef himself.

What’s next for the Samurai Chef and mayamada?

The Samurai Chef story is complete for now, but it’s not the end of the character and another book is definitely a possibility in future.

For now we’ll be working on releasing comics for other mayamada stories. Serious is coming next, but expect to see something from 11th Hour and Hot Lunch stories too.

We’ve got a lot happening in 2015 including new clothing designs and event plans too. Stay tuned…

Samurai Chef Creators: Editor

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In the lead up to London Anime & Gaming Con we’re giving you an insight into the making of our new manga title, the complete edition of Samurai Chef.

So far we’ve looked at the illustrators who brought the story and characters to life. But images are only half of any good comic, what about the words?

This week we’re talking to Lara-Lee, the editor of the book and the person who made sure the dialogue was accurate and made sense…well, as much sense as a monkey samurai chef on a fantasy television network can make anyway:

IMG-20150201-WA0011Which part of the book did you work on?

I edited the book – so if you spot any mistakes (not that you will…) Don’t. Tell. Anyone!

What was your highlight during the process?

Holding the finished product. Working with Nigel and seeing the story and characters come to life was a pleasure – my job would have been a whole lot harder if he wasn’t as receptive to the changes that needed to be made.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

The time constraints. We had a strict deadline to work to so the pressure was intense towards the end, but I’m a lawyer by day so I’m used to it!

What do you hope readers will take away from Samurai Chef?

Hunger – not just because some of the dishes could be quite yummy (before they come to life), but also a hunger for reading, anime and finding out more about mayamada!

Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

It has to be the Samurai Chef himself, specifically when he’s battling the Cherry Kitchen’s taffy cake. I couldn’t stop laughing at his face throughout this part!

What book are you enjoying now?

Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer – I don’t read many books more than once but this is my third time round. I love the contrasting circumstances of the main characters and seeing them evolve throughout the book. I love any book that has ability to make my jaw drop!

Samurai Chef Creators: Illustrator

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We’re continuing our look into the making of the new and complete edition of Samurai Chef by talking with all the the people that had a major role in putting it all together.

It’s been two months since we released the book an you can now find it at Orbital Comics, Petit Miracles Hub and the Prince’s Trust Tomorrow Store. You will also be able to get your hands on Samurai Chef at the London Anime and Gaming Con, February 7th-8th.

For now, here’s the view from another illustrator responsible for the book’s introduction page, Nikki:

Nikki ChibiWhich part of the book did you work on?

The Premise page.

What was your highlight during the process?

Getting to draw something anthropomorphic for a change.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

Fitting all the text on the page!

What do you hope readers will take away from Samurai Chef?

Enjoyment and belief that monkeys can be samurais too. And sometimes your dinner can bite back! 😀

Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

Would have to be Samurai Chef. What is there not to like about a quiet, deadly protagonist?

Who has been your most inspiring illustrator?

Attack on Titan (and impatiently awaiting the new season).

Petit Miracles Hub

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2015 was off to a great start as we moved into the Petit Miracles Hub, a new retail location in West 12 Shopping Centre.

mayamada @ PM Hub

Launched in December, Petit Miracles Hub is a new store for new independent brands and we’re happy to say that we’re one of them.

mayamada @ PM Hub

You can now find our line of anime inspired clothing and comics in store. The Petit Miracles Hub is also the only retail location where you can find the limited Collector’s Edition of the book!

After releasing the complete edition of the Samurai Chef manga book, we put together a limited edition for the collectors out there. Only 30 Collector’s Edition copies have been printed, which comes with a new cover, 4 additional pages of story and an exclusive badge set.

Samurai Chef @ PM Hub

Make sure you stop by and say hi to us or any of the staff doing who have been doing a great job of pulling everything together and managing the different brands.

You can find the Petit Miricles Hub on the first floor of the West 12 Shopping Centre, opposite Westfield. Just look out for the mayamada banner in the window.

Stay tuned for news on an upcoming event at the store in February where we’ll be teaming up with the social enterprise Strip ClothingS. You will also see the launch of a new characters and story with Blake Serious.


Samurai Chef Complete Edition

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It’s been months in the making and we’re so excited to finally have the complete edition of the Samurai Chef manga now printed and in our hands!

Samurai Chef Manga

We’re forever grateful for the support of everyone that backed our Kickstarter campaign, it’s because of you we were able to get the book done when we did.

It was disappointing to see our first Kickstarter get so close but fail to reach its goal. After it ended we still had people contact us to ask how they could support the book and that led to us launching a second Kickstarter that was successfully funded on October 27th 2014.

Managing the Kickstarter was barely half the battle as we still had to illustrate and edit the book once it was written. Thanks to the amazing efforts of both Pinali (illustrator) and Lara-Lee (editor) we managed to wrap up everything in time to showcase the book at Hyper Japan Christmas.

This edition includes Samurai Chef volume 1 & 2 in 144 pages of action-comedy goodness. It’s printed on 120GSM uncoated paper, 300GSM silk and gloss laminated cover with perfect bound spine.

Samurai Chef Pages

We’ll start shipping special Kickstarter editions of the book this week. If you didn’t back the campaign, you can get your copy of Samurai Chef online right now.

This book brings the Samurai story to a dramatic (and messy) conclusion. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the characters, but we’ll begin working on new stories with other mayamada characters in 2015 so stay tuned!