Creative Character Q&A: SkyBlew

mayamada October 5, 2016 No Comments

Being able to talk to people from all walks of life on their creativity has been amazing. Having discussions with creative characters, hearing about their unique creative experiences is the reason we wanted to do this project. We’re excited about this character in particular as he’s been a big part of the #BeCreative campaign from the start.

We’re talking with SkyBlew, an American hip-hop artist who’s track “Nefelibata” is the backing for our campaign video.

We instantly loved the song when we heard it. The lyrics fit so well with the #BeCreative message and with mayamada and as a brand. SkyBlew makes fantastic, positive music as we we’re excted to use the track and also get his thoughts on creativity:


Creative Character SkyBlew - mayamada

Where did you grow up?

Well, I mainly grew up in Alabama. My hometown is Auburn, Alabama but I went from place to place throughout Alabama due to foster care. So I was all over the place.

I lived in some rough places and ended up getting into somethings that I am not proud of. But, I always had a creative mind. Some of my teachers would try to inspire me to write because they said my stories were vivid and full of imagination. So when I got older, I decided to take this serious and actually utilize my passion.

Growing up in those environments, helped me look at the world differently. I started to use my imagination as an escape.

I wrote to inspire the people from my hometown, to let them know that it’s possible to make it out of those environments, that you can be something other than a statistic.

What creative work do you do?

I Don’t RAP, I Paint The Sky, Blew!!! (I make hip-hop music lol). But it’s different than what you’re used to hearing. It has a lot of different elements in the mix. Most say my music paints pictures…mission complete lol.

What does creativity mean to you?

To me, creativity means making your dreams a reality. What you envision in your heart, can easily be transferred into whatever work it is that you do. If you can tap into those dreams, and somehow bring them into existence for the world to see, then that’s creative. You know?

Most challenging part of being creative?

I would have to say getting the world to understand your vision. Creativity and art go hand in hand, and as you know, most art is all based on interpretation. So a lot of times, people don’t understand it.

For example, I am in the hip-hop world, and the majority of the music that’s out right now sounds the same and lacks creativity. So when someone like me comes along who is different, it’s hard for people to understand it. Especially if you haven’t tapped into any creativity of your own.

Why should young people be creative?

Young people should be creative because creativity is becoming rare. The youth sits behind computer screens, phone screens etc, all day long. So they don’t get the chance to be creative as before.

We all sometimes need to just go outside, lay in the grass and look at the clouds and stars, and drift off. Create an adventure and share it in different ways. Yeah, it may sound cliche, but it’s vital to creativity.

Learn how to day dream like we used to. Use your imagination, before you forget how to in general.

Who has influenced you creatively?

There are a number of people/things that have influenced my creativity such as God, life, My Grandmother (RIP), select musical artists, freedom fighters, anime, cartoons, video games, and others who use their creativity to make a difference.

All of these play a major factor in my creative process in different ways. It would take a whole book to explain the ways they inspired me lol, but to sum it up:

God because he represents peace and love. My grandmother who also represents those things and she was a beautiful soul, who I truly valued and looked up to. Select musical artists, the unique ones who make genuine music. Freedom fighters for the things they fought for and stand for are truly inspiring.

Anime, cartoons and video games, those things take real imagination to create. Others who use their creativity to make a difference. I look up to them for using their gifts to make a difference and inspire others to do the same.

A majority of these elements helped me expand my mind, push the limits of my creativity, and share my dreams with the world, in order to help others do the same….

Spread Love – Paint The Sky,Blew!!!