Creative Character Q&A: Urban MBA

mayamada October 16, 2016 No Comments
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Creativity comes in so many forms and from such a diverse range of people. Not only with new brands like ourselves, but from the corporate world too.

We’re talking with former Nike executive Kofi Oppong who is the founder of entrepreneur school Urban MBA. They aim to inspire a generation of entrepreneurs, mentoring and helping them to use their imagination to become better at starting and building their businesses.

Kofi tells us what creativity means to him and the young people he teaches:


Creative Character Urban MBA - mayamada

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in East London Stratford….The power of sport and the genius of the people at the top of their game. I grew up next to Hackney Marshes, the home of football.

What creative work do you do?

I run a training program that teaches enterprise to 16 – 24-year-olds. I believe there are no longer any jobs for life! It is now essential and a necessity for young people to have enterprise skills and learn about transferable skills.

What does creativity mean to you?

On the creativity side, I am always trying to look for creative ways to get the enterprise message across to the millennial generation.

Most challenging part of being creative?

Finding inspiration to fuel your ideas….but this also starts with setting clear goals…You then get the law of attraction and the universe giving you tips and clues to further your creativity.

Why should young people be creative?

Creativity is also another way of solving problems. Young people not learning to use their creative side.

Who is the most creative person to you and why?

Nintendo. They don’t focus on just games graphics, they truly want to create something different like the Wii and Zelda.

Nike. Working for a company like this gives you an insight into inspiration, and the culture is amazing…they find innovative ways of marketing especially guerrilla marketing and never paying the likes of the Olympics and FIFA for association.

Notorious Big. Hip-hop and his flow using lyrics, he’s a genius with words and words are spells… you need to know how to use words correctly.