Creative Character – #BeCreative 2016 Campaign

Creative Character - mayamada

We believe everyone is capable of being their own Creative Character. That’s why we started the #BeCreative campaign!

Launched in 2015 on London Live, the campaign uses storytelling to encourage and develop creative thinking in young people at an age where the right support will help them unleash their creative potential!

Our goal is to encourage people to embrace their “creative character”, challenging perceptions of creativity in the process.

Creative Characters

This photo campaign brings together a cast of real life characters, each expressing what creativity means to them.

Our Partners

We’re grateful to have the following group of great organisations and individuals support the #BeCreative campaign.

Get Involved

Now it’s your turn. Here’s how you can get involved in the #BeCreative campaign:

1.Find a piece of A3 card and some colouring pens.
2.Think about what creativity means to you and write or
draw your answer on the card.
○ Try starting with “Creativity is…”
3. Take a photo of you holding your message. Make sure
both you and your card can be clearly seen.
○ You can also record and share a video message if
you prefer.
4. Share your photo online using the hashtag #BeCreative.
○ Don’t forget to tag us @mayamada on Twitter
and Facebook, @mayamadatees on Instagram

Tag your friends and nominate them to share their own message too. We want to start a discussion and get the nation talking about creativity!


Welcome to mayamada

Founded in London, mayamada is a creative brand set in our own world of characters and stories. We create imaginative comics, stylised clothing and even run our own pop up events! Our mission is to inspire creativity in others - discover our world and #BeCreative!


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