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mayamada December 18, 2014 2 Comments

As part of our Samurai Chef Kickstarter campaign, we rewarded our top three backers with the opportunity to be included in their own personalised Samurai Chef comic.

Each backer would be able to describe their own chef characters that will make a meal to face off against the Samurai Chef in a one-off story called “Ambush”.

We’re happy to say we’re making good progress on the comic and can reveal the three characters (and their teams) that will be in the comic:

“Mr Samuels’ Steak Shack”

Personalised Characters

Mr Samuels is the Steak Shack’s head chef. A tall and proud lion with very fashionable twin puma assistants.

Highly idolised and well-respected, failure is not an option for Mr Samuels so you can expect him to put up a fight against the Samurai Chef.

“Sharvan’s Okonomiyaki Stop”

Personalised Characters

Head chef Sharvan is an Asian Black Bear and is backed by very confident looking bulldog and alligator chefs. Watch out for the dish that gets cooked up at the Okonomiyaki Stop.

“Twice the Spice”


The inspiration for head chef Eeson came from the photo of a backer’s husband. We hope she’s happy with the look!


We’ll be sending the comic out to our top three backers later this month. The comic will then be available for a limited time in 2015 also so stay tuned!


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