Kickstarter For Social Gaming

mayamada June 13, 2017 No Comments

The E3 Expo is the biggest week in the gaming calendar. So this week feels like the right time for us to launch our biggest GamePad project we’ve ever taken on: a Kickstarter for social gaming.

Since our first GamePad event in 2015, we’ve been on a mission to establish an event promoting same room multiplayer gaming, inclusion and diversity in gaming.

GamePad Spring Edition 2016 - mayamada

Our motivation came from our days growing up gaming with friends in the same room. Since then, we’ve seen the gaming industry shift focus from the real world to online. While the internet has been great for gaming in many ways, we believe the magic of gaming with friends in the same space has been forgotten.

So we did something about it and we need your help to take it to the next level. Gaming today is being played by a more diverse audience than ever. Men and women play games. Families and people from different cultural backgrounds all enjoy video games.

Support Our Social Gaming Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign is now live, we’re really excited about it and we think you will be too. Our team has put in a great deal of work to get GamePad up and running. Now we want to turn GamePad into a larger scale, professional event that has a real impact on the gaming industry.

The best way to support this social gaming movement is to head to the project page and click the green “Back This Project” button. You can then pledge any amount you want and pick a reward in return.

Next, you can tell your friends and family to do the same. It’s not just about the event, but a movement. The more people we get behind it the bigger the impact we will have.

mayamada GamePad Spring 2017

Whether you can make it to our summer event in August or not, we hope you support this campaign to make gaming fun for everyone!