Our Most Serious Manga Yet

mayamada October 22, 2016 No Comments
Serious Volume 1 Cover Artwork

Back in 2015, we released issue 1 of our story about a young Rabbit named Blake and his big ambitions of becoming a success in the big city known as The Jungle. A year on and we’re almost ready for the launch of the complete volume!

Blake And Cassy - mayamada

A Serious Story

Blake is from the poor town of Serveton. It’s a place with few success stories and one familiar to us as mayamada co-founders. We launched our own business out of the inner city boroughs of London and put the stories we see and experienced into the manga.

Issue 1 of Serious shows Blake and his business partner Cassy working together selling phone cases in their neighbourhood. But things take a turn for the worst when they are broken up and Blake learns the harsh realities of doing business in Serveton.

Blake In Serveton - mayamada

Next month, you’ll see the adventure play out in the complete volume 1. Blake sets out of the Serveton strip to bring together a team of driven individuals. The story shows what can be done when young people come together in a positive way.

Developing The Next Generation

Serious has been supported by Unltd, the UK’s leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs. They’ve given us support with the new title and helped us launch the #BeCreative Academy Comic Story workshop alongside it. In the workshops we use storytelling to unlock the creative potential in young people, teaching them transferable skills in literacy, art, and enterprise.

The manga will be out in time for the Hyper Japan Christmas event on November 25th. The book is out for pre-order right now, shipping from November 30th. You can check out the cover right here:

Serious Volume 1 Manga - mayamada

We made this story for people with dreams and those making moves to achieve them. Preorder your copy now and you’ll get a limited edition sticker pack too!

We hope you check out the story – we’ve really enjoyed making it ^_^