Cosplayers: What Does Creativity Mean To You?

mayamada October 24, 2017 1 Comment

The London Comic Con is our biggest convention here in the UK and we’re excited for the opportunity to meet fans of our work and introduce new people to the mayamada universe!

Conventions are a great opportunity for any comic creator to get feedback on their comics from the people who invest in them. It gives people a chance to see those who actually make the comics that they enjoy and we’re looking forward to taking part!

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A Lesson In Perseverance

mayamada August 31, 2014 No Comments

When it comes to photoshoots, this summer has been a real lesson in perseverance.

We recently wrapped up our third and final shoot of the summer. One more than we intended and counting two abandoned attempts due to weather, it’s safe to say things did not go to plan!

The past few month have been a good reminder that when you make plans you can expect them to change, or even scrapped altogether  (if the weather is bad enough).

Keep in mind that it’s not about trying to keep your plans from changing, but how to adapt when they do change. Adapt and keep pushing forward.

For us it meant rescheduling multiple photoshoots to get the photos we needed for our shop and lookbook, but it could be dinner with friends, a business project or that big event.

Whatever the plans, stay flexible and don’t get too discouraged if things don’t go smoothly. Oh and it helps to have a good group of people around to support should things don’t go according to plan.

Now, enjoy a few behind the scenes shot from our last shoot of the summer while we put together our plans for the rest of 2014…











Photoshoot in Shoreditch

mayamada August 8, 2014 No Comments

After some weather delays we finally got to do our latest photoshoot in Shoreditch, on a sunny day no less.

We had a great team with us and came back with a selection of new photos including shots of our new “SAMURAI” snapback and beanie hats which will be on the ASOS Marketplace later in August.

Check out our sneak peak look at behind the scenes of the shoot.



Shoreditch Shoot 3

Shoreditch Shoot 4

Shoreditch Shoot 4   Shoreditch Shoot 5

Shoreditch Shoot 6

Shoreditch Shoot 7

Shoreditch Shoot 8

Shoreditch Shoot 9

Shoreditch Shoot 10  Shoreditch Shoot 11

Shoreditch Shoot 12




Lao Karunwi


Mickaella Clemence

Sasha Hollis

Daniel Boakye

Daniel Palazzi


Lara-Lee Green

Make up

Lauren Rough